Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knitting Retreat

Just back from Knitting Camp. (See last year) Met so many fab gals whose blogs I had cruised. I love knitting on the web and LOVE LOVE Love the community that is Ravelry of course but Oh how good it is to meet up in person, have a few wines, a few Tim Tams and knit for almost 48 hours solid! I almost finished my 'Morphed Lady E'.

So I'm inspired to blog and I'm even inspired to share some pix with you. Just have to get the whole camera thing up and running again soon. But in the meantime here's a couple of shots I lifted from Donna's flickr page.

Zena and I knit knit knitting!! (Me on the left Zena on the right).

In this shot (L to R) Bells, Zena, Donni, Ailsa and Me all chasing the sun