Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What I knit at camp!

So you might have heard all about our knitting camp, the workshops, the hijinx and meeting the real people behind the cyber alteregos from Anne, Ailsa, Bells, Donna, Donni, Jill, KMS, Mel, Rose Red, Tianne, Rae and Zena. Phew!! Have I missed any one. I hope not all that linking was such a pain!

So I'm not going to tell you about any of that stuff - go look at their blogs. Instead I'm going to show you what I was knitting.

This one is a no colour jog striped hat knit in the round. It's heirloom eight ply cotton held double and knit on 4mm addis. Fab technique! I've been trying to work out how to do it for ages and then one day I stumbled upon Helix Hat patterns on Ravelry. So I wasted no time; printed out the pattern, got started and realised after a few goes that the pattern I'd downloaded was wrong. Arghh! Thought hard, thought hard, examined the knitting, thought hard some more and worked it out! I'm sure you are all cleverer than me and wouldn't have to think quite as hard to work it out. It's quite a technique! Brilliant really but way too hard to explain how it works.

So once I got the stripes happening I got a bit carried away. As you can see - It's a little long for baby. Will have to frog back and take and inch or so out.

The second project I've got going at the moment began as a Lady Elenor from Scarf Style. I didn't have the pattern so I cruised the web and checked out everyone's pictures. Taught myself entrelac from my Vogue Knitting Stitchionary and hey presto!!

Only it's not going to be a Lady E any more. It's going to be a poncho. You know the kind where you sew two rectangles together. Not long to go now! Just check out that Noro!! It's silk garden lite. I know many people don't like it but I really a Noro Fan!!

If I had more time I'd love to spin yarn like that rather than buy it! *sigh* One day....