Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lace & Sewing

I'm knitting a lace scarf. Just an easy one. The only lace project I've managed to actually complete has been a feather and fan scarf. I can't finish Branching Out, it just takes too much concentration and I really think the pattern is unnecessarily complicated so I thought I'd go back to something easier and work up to something more complicated.

So this easy little knit is the second project 'Scarf or Shawl with centre pattern' in the Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. Check out some of the wonderful things people have made from this book on Ravelry.

I'm knitting it in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Tidepool. Here's the details in my Ravelry Notebook. Isn't it weird how it's pooling in such an obvious zig-zag. Well it's not actually weird when you understand how yarn is space dyed- actually it' to be expected- but you know what I mean. I'm hoping the effect will be softened slightly when I add the border. I'm sure that will be weeks from now at the pace I'm going.

Here's my lovely Aunty Sue at her recent very special birthday breakfast with the cushion I made her for the occasion.

It's linen, hand and machine quilted and I've sewn on vintage buttons from my collection. It was a special 'number' birthday. I won't tell you which one but If you're keen you can count the buttons and that will tell you.

All is well here Casa Chaos I'm getting used to the swing of the year and already it's March! JT has just bought himself a massive new desktop PC so the lap top is mine all mine...insert evil we can surf the web side by side.