Friday, February 22, 2008

First Day at School

Milly Started BIG School!!

Ok - I know that it was three weeks ago now but I'm still getting used to the new routine. Here she is posing for the obligatory photos with all the family before we left on the first day.

Here she is with her bag all ready to go.

And here she is going in to the classroom for the first time. Ahhhh She's loving the whole thing!

Her teacher seems just lovely and she started catching the bus in the second week which I just love to death!! If the little girls are asleep at home time I don't have to worry. I just leave them be because the bus drops off at our front gate. No more waking sleeping babies for the preschool pick up. Woo Hoo.

I'm knitting a few small things lately photos when they look a bit better than blobs and I'm having a bit of fun playing with Ravelry and Flickr. I signed up some time in the middle of last year but it's taken me till now to get my head around all the features. HOW GOOD IS IT!! I think my blog will be even more neglected than before. It's taking me a while to load up things I've done and am doing because I've been too busy checking out all the patterns and galleries. Too much Fun!!