Monday, May 21, 2007

The Retreat

The Girls (Kerry, Rae and Christine from our LYS C, R&K Daisy Designs) did a FANTASTIC job!! The retreat was brilliant!! It was so relaxing to be able to just sit and knit all day!! I didn't need to worry about the washing up, the messy playroom and all the demands of the kidlets. I just got to sit and knit in the wonderful rainforest surrounds of Mt Keira Scout Camp With Donni, Ailsa, Tianne, Annie, many members of our Wollongong SnB and a handful of other dedicated knitters that we met for the first time.
The above shot shows the views, the surrounds and the inside and outside of the lodge where we all sat and knit most of the day. Have a look at Annie and Tianne's Blogs for more info and pics. I did a felting and dying work shop which I loved AND FINISHED MY ISE4 SCARF !!! Here is our dyed yarn drying by the open fire. Mine is the yellow, green and blue in the very far left of the photo.

More shots later of the felting, the ISE4 scarf and the dyed skein close up. What fun!!!

AND IN OTHER NEWS: Baby Bronte turned one on Saturday while I was off happily knitting. What a mischief maker! Here she is now.....

And here she is a year ago.....

Ahhhh...... Happy Birthday Bronte xxxx