Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Workshop Results

I've done felting once before at the first knitting weekend I ever went on but I only spent about half an hour doing it. This time we had all morning. These examples were done using carded wool sliver - not knitted pieces. It was very quick and fun - I'm sure my arm muscles would build up heaps if I was to make much more. Of course I've got heaps of ideas to do with felting now - just not enough time to do them!!

The morning was felting and the afternoon was dying. Here's my spring Daffodil coloured skein.

The yarn I dyed was a hank of Knitpicks Colour Your Own which Cece generously gave me ages ago. Of course while I was dying I wished I had about ten skeins to dye it was such fun!! Here is is wound into a ball.

Since I've finally finished my ISE4 scarf - I've begun knitting a little poncho for Bronte - I'm making up the pattern as I go so we'll see if it works. Finger Crossed......