Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sock Knitter! - Yep that's me

Thanks for the tips on the Blogger title field - Yes I used the preview mode and got my title in there. Thanks Teabird! And my next blog thing to do is change to Haloscan comments so I can actually reply. I just hate how you can't reply to comments in Blogger. It's infuriating - either that or change to Wordpress or something but you know I just can't face learning a new system......

ANYWAY.... Here is MY FIRST SOCK for the Tour de France KAL!!!!! Two nights knitting in front of old episodes of Law and Order (you know the ones with Chris Noth still in them) on pay TV and it's done. I'm using Elann's Sock it to Me, a swap giftee from Taryn. It's an elasticised cotton, kinda boucle. I'm hoping the elastic will help them stick on little kidlets' feet.

I think it turned out really well. I cheated though. I didn't kitchener stitch, I turned it inside out and did a three needle bind off. I guess I 'll tackle kitchener with each sock and one day it will suddenly click - Oh but how much does it suck! And I thought knitting a baby sock would be easier for my first sock but actually I'm thinking that they're just the same skills required and more fiddly so I'll try grown up socks next.

Here's another FO. It's embroidery this time. A Mini Dutch Sampler in cross stitch on linen. I did it for my Mother in Law's Birthday in May. (She's originally from the Netherlands) I actually finished the embroidery for her birthday and gave it to her but took it back to stretch over acid free mat and take it to the framers.

It's taken me two months to get around to stretching it and taking a photo tsk tsk. I love it. It only measures about 12cm x 16cm but there was lots of scope for adding cute little flowers and things as I went. I really enjoyed doing it - It evolved under my needle daily.

I made another like it but less involved for JT's Dutch Aunt last year and finally managed to make another for JT's Mum. The patterns came from a book of Antique Dutch sampler patterns I found at the local library. All the patterns were grids in black and white and all falling to bits but some how it spoke to me.

Like this filet crochet pattern that Sue (a new snb-er) was working on at Stitch n Bitch last month. Whilst I've definitely admired filet crochet, I never had the desire to rush out and start it until now. This is another vintage pattern that Sue picked up in the Netherlands when she was visiting. This pic shows one side of the pattern leaflet.

And this shot shows the other side of the pattern crocheted up. Isn't it fantastic!. Thanks Sue for letting me take the photos and rave on.

Next Post - More FO's and the second sock!! (Fingers crossed)