Saturday, July 14, 2007


Finished the bubby socks that I was knitting for the TDFKAL. They're more or less the same size too. I knew I could do it I just needed a kick in the pants to start. So that's the dream run finished. Sorry about the crap pic! And now fabulouso readers - which pattern should I use for my first ever pair of grown up socks?? Maybe I can get a pair done for the KAL too??

After all that fun the nightmare begins: Packing to move house ughh!

Boxes! Crap every where you look! It's just AWFUL!!! At least we know the end is in sight. My Mum and Dad are coming to help pack and kid wrangle on Monday. The painters at the new house will be finished on Wednesday, the cleaners come Thursday morning, the carpets get done Thursday too and late Thursday the pest people will go through. Then the moving van comes on Friday and again on Monday to finish it off. I can't wait!