Friday, December 09, 2005

A mini Dutch sampler

You know, I was thinking today about how much digital cameras have made life easier for people like us bloggers. It would be a boring post if I had to describe this to you, for example.

This is my mini Dutch cross stitch sampler that I have been working on for longer than 12 months. (Not continuously you understand!) It's only about 10cm wide by 13ish cm high and the motifs came from a funny old Dutch sampler book I found in my local library.

I began it last year in about August to give as a birthday gift to JT's Aunt Ger - Would I say my Aunt In Law?? JT's mother's side of the family is Dutch - so much so that they still speak Dutch at home. (JT doesnt speak it) Anyway I actually gave it to her for her birthday in November 2004 but it was not quite finished. I imagined it would only take a few minutes to complete so I took it back to get done, planning to give it back a day or two later.

It did not happen. First I decided to do a different border, then I carelessly did not count properly and the new border did not join up and so had to be done again. I also decided that I would have it framed for her and then give it to her for this year's birthday.

So now it is finished (yet to be framed however!!) I've missed her actual birthday but have not seen her officially for her birthday yet so even though it's not finished I'm in the clear if I manage to get it framed for when I see her next week.