Saturday, December 10, 2005


Last night while I was settling in to the evening and reading Milly a bedtime story there came a voice from outside... "Merry Christmas - Here's a parcel from Rox. I have to go now cause I'm watching Survivor at Ailsa's and I'll miss it". It was Donni. I did not expect my tribe* pressie from Rox to be delivered that way or at that time of the evening so it was a fab suprise!!!! It was a MASSIVE BAG OF GOODIES!!!!! SEE!!

I had to contain my excitement and finish the story and put Milly in bed before I could open it. That took all my self control. (I have very little!) Here's what was inside:

Some marshmallow Peeps, Rox's hubby's fave and frosted animal bikkies. Wrapped up was two skeins of Alpaca cloud - I just adore it!! Its just such a magnificent colour a beautiful slightly heathered pale blue, I love it !! I've been cuddling it. I've been making JT cuddle it. Mmmmm? he says like I've really gone mental this time- I think its so soft its like a pet. I've coveted Alpaca cloud that other people have had so badly and now I have some of my very own!! Hooray!! Hell - what to make!!

A ball of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes- Hersheys chocolate lip balm!!! How Cool! LOTS of KoolAid how cool, A polar looking bear ornament, a cute woven zip pull and big bag of little scraplets and another parcel not to open till Christmas -Cruel AND! A pack of knitterly note cards.

Cruel, cruel making me wait till Christmas to open the other parcel shall I tell you now that Rox emailed me to say I didn't really have to wait - and so of course I didnt! I had kind of guessed what was inside from the shape - It was two skeins of Brown Sheep Co Lamb's Pride Bulky. 85% wool and 15% Mohair. Ive never seen it and it looks great!! AND I totally love to bits the bag of samplets, Rox even twisted them up and made them little labels !! the idea is so I can see what a whole pile of stuff is like that I have read about but have never have seen. It's a great idea. Thanks Rox thanks a Million!!! Its a VERY thougtful parcel and I love it - I really love it.

* Our Tribe: A small gifting ring - see button on the side bar.
PS I just ate two Peeps in rapid sucession - I don't think I can stoooop!!!