Monday, December 12, 2005

OrnaMental is DONE

My OrnaMental ornament is complete and I'm quite happy with it! But in the interests of Christmas suprises I can't show you any piccies. This is terribly disapointing for me!! (Yes I'm sure it is for you too!) I am feeling a little insecure about my offering however, because I only made Tahlia one ornament and have a look at how many she made for her pal. Eeek!!!

Tahlia, who I made my ornament for, has a thing for peacocks so I kept that in mind when I made it. Sadly, she just emailed me to say that she is going away at the last minute for Christmas and will not be at home until after Boxing Day. So even though I met my self imposed deadline of having it ready to post TODAY it will not get to her house before she leaves. Boo Hoo. I'm hoping though that she can send me the address of where she will be staying over Christmas and It will be sure to get to here if I mail it in the next day or two.

So even though I can not bring you my OrnaMental ornament , I will show you a piccie of our Christmas tree that was finally dressed on Saturday after standing naked for a few days. Hope you're all feeling suitably festive!!

I can also show you a pic of the lovely beaded angel I received from Donna today. See Donna she is already at home. She's beautiful thanks heaps!!

I can't show you though, a photo though of the Knitpicks Colour Your Own that Cece sent as a tribe chrissy pressy to all of us Sydney and Wollongong tribe girls for a Dye Fest!! Thanks a million Cece I've been wanting some of that to play with for ages. We will have FUN FUN FUN!!!!