Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All Knitting Action Temporarily Suspended

I made a combat plan. Wollywarbler gave me the idea. I was having a look at her blog and was reading her post about how she just realised how much she had to do before Christmas and how shocked she was that Christmas was so close. (I felt a certain affinity - as we all probably do at this time of year)

So she sprang into 'Combat Mode' and made a plan. The idea of combat mode took my fancy and so on Monday I made a combat plan. Usually I make an enormous To Do list but every one knows To Do lists are just lists. This was a COMBAT PLAN!! A plan of attack! An Action plan!

I've been super good and have been ticking off those little tasks like crazy. Or should I say outmanouvering the enemy (time) according to plan. Hence no knitting.

But I have been sewing I did finish these cute stockings today, I have a million still to do for all the family but at least Mum, Dad and brother Ross etc are done and I'm making a sizeable dent. They were fun to make. I used wool felt and used my new free motion foot to sew on the initials. They are about as big as your hand - to fit just little pressies inside. I'm still a bit hopeless with the new foot and the whole technique but I'm getting much better.

My ornaMental pal Tahlia did send me another address so even though she will be away from home my ornament will still get to her by Christmas. Phew!!

So I'm off to check the Combat Orders for the evening.
Have fun every one. :-)