Sunday, December 18, 2005

Chez Stripey

This week, chez Stripey it has all been about Christmas cards and Christmas planning. The combat list has helped. Today/tonight is the deadline for finishing my Christmas cards!! I've just done a whole pile and had to stop because I got sick of writing! I know it's all about the joy of the season and sharing happy wishes and catch up info with far flung friends but en masse they are just sooo tiring to write.

I haven't given myself any Christmas knitting and I'm glad because I don't want it to be a chore. I do have a little Christmas sewing to finish though. But instead I could not resist beginning this pattern that I spied in a back issue of Australian Family Circle. (from July 2005 - I think) It's knitted in one piece from side to side and looks like it won't take me long especially as its baby sized for number three kiddo who is half way cooked NEXT WEEK! Boy time flies! (Cluey readers may notice that we know which flavour number three is!)

We took Milly (nearly three) and Gemma (one) off to see Santa and have photos with him today and for once I didn't have to be in it!! I was overjoyed and the girls smiled beautifully - fingers crossed the photos look good!!

We had a minor disaster this week which involved Gemma pulling the whole Christmas tree down on top of her! She was unharmed but a few of my favourite glass ornaments smashed to smithereens!! Luckily Donna's Angel survived unharmed as you can if you look closely. She looked so funny pinned under it - It would have been a funniest home video winner I'm sure and if she wasn't so upset and potentially injured, I would have taken a photo. (callous mother!)

P.S. Annie thanks heaps for the lovely tea towel. It's going to get heaps of action. It was very thoughtful of you and a great suprise!! Hope you're all having a great relaxing weekend like we are. JT and I are about to have BBQ swordfish fillet burgers with crispy bacon, pesto and crunchy lettuce, in the backyard, for lunch!! Yummo! Bonjour!