Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knitting Groups

I've been formulating this post for a few days and haven't managed to post it yet and now I have new things to post but anyway those things will just have to come tomorrow or later on.

But before I post it, I do have a Stop Press Item.

Donni's Special Birthday
Donni, I hope you have a very happy special birthday today. It was a great day when I met you at SnB nearly 2 years ago when Gemma bub was about a month old and now, in a couple more weeks I'll be coming to SnB with the next bub. Time flies!! and as a result of meeting you I've become a MUCH better knitter, learned heaps, enjoyed sharing tips and yarns and learning to spin and drinking tea and watching the kids grow up. Hope you had a great day and I hope you have a great weekend.


Knitting on Saturday at SnB was fantastic! I can't remember if I wrote that in the last post. I have a huge pile of entries for our exhibition and everyone was happy to part with their very modest exhibitors fee. It was really exciting to see the whole thing coming together. We got another media enquiry today from another local paper the Wollongong Advertiser and they are going to do a story on our exhibition and knitting group. I'm so pleased!! That's three articles in three different local papers after sending out around 9 press releases to print, radio and TV. Not a bad hit rate!! Here we all are happily knitting away.

Every Second Tuesday
Last night was Every Second Tuesday spinning group. Actually last night we were knitting because we all had knitting to finish for the exhibition (and also because two members of every second tuesday spinning don't spin) and we had such fun there was ribald humour and plenty of cackling. The group is Ailsa, Donni, Kerry, Becky and Charmaine. Kerry and Charmaine are blogless. Kerry is our spinning teacher and fibre arts inspiration and guru and also the part owner of our brand new LYS Daisy Designs!! Charmaine is a lurker around blogworld (and the fresh faced young thing in the pink and brown argyle cardy in the centre front of the photograph above) and I truly think one day she will manage to work out how to leave a comment. Ailsa wrote a lovely post on Wednesday about our knitting inspired friendships. Donni wrote a great post the other day about the new LYS with a photo and the every second tuesday knitting group. I was just incredibly tired and by the time I left I felt much more energised. What a great group!!

The Blogiversary Competitions
Thanks for all your entries in my blogiversary competitions. I'm tickled with the cake ideas and some of the surprising facts are very surprising!! So don't forget that you have until this Saturday the 6th of May to enter. You can find the details of the competitions in the post before last. I'll judge and award prizes over the weekend.

Baby Surprise Boo Boo
I continued knitting the baby surprise on Tuesday at Every Second Tuesday Spinning Group. Frustratingly, I managed to knit for about and hour and a half with the same result as in the last post. It brought prickles of tears to my eyes (Did you all notice??) but I kept going and just before we went home. I GOT IT RIGHT!!!! So right now, two days later I am halfway through casting off to finish the cardy. Then I have to go button shopping.

Happy Knitting All. :-)