Saturday, April 29, 2006


This day has been in my mind for ages as a huge looming deadline and now its here!!

So what's on?? I have Stitch 'n Bitch this afternoon, there are two kids parties that we are invited to before lunch, its my dad's birthday and we also have a dinner invitation! (Well we did have a dinner invitation until I realised that it was actually for next month - but it was still adding to the critical mass in my head!!) Then some friends from uni that we haven't seen for AGES phoned and they are coming to visit tomorrow, so all in all its going to be a corker of a weekend.

Oh and here I am raving on and I forgot to say that most importantly, today is...drumroll..... MY 1ST BLOGIVERSARY!!!

Here are two first birthday cakes to celebrate: This one is Milly's first cake. I loved that cake. It worked out so well. I just love decorating cakes. Milly was one more than two years ago now!

The next cake is Gemma's 1st birthday cake, she was one about 9months ago. This cake was a big hit too but I don't have such a great photo. What a shame!

So there you go 12 months of blogging!! It has well and truly become part of my life. JT gets on line twice a day and goes to all the news sites, I get online and check the 'knitting world news'. I love that you are all so close but so far away. Truly, I think I learn more about people's real lives and world view from my blogging friends and surfing knit blogs than JT does from the news!! Well maybe...

Anyway I was going to have a fabo contest to celebrate my blogiversary but when I sat down to post I couldn't think of anything, now after raving on I have two ideas. One is fun and one is serious! So two prizes full of Aussie fun will be announced next Sunday - You have a week to enter....

One prize will go to the person who leaves a comment telling me the most suprising fact they learned from blogging about someone's life. It can be someone either close by that you've only met in cyberspace or someone blogging in another country entirely.

And the other prize will go to the most imaginative and humerous idea for the blogiversary cake I should have made and decorated for myself.

You can enter both comps as many times as you like - Judging will be purely subjective, although I may get JT to join the judging panel. Also I'd love it if you could let me know where you are and how you found my blog! Then I might learn some more suprising things about the world.

This week has seemed so full of deadlines because I have had 1001 things to finish for the Wollongong Stitch 'n Bitch exhibition (you may have noticed from my posts this week) As 'Official Exhibition-Coordinator' (lol) I'm happy to announce that as of 11pm last night I was all prepared on that front. So at Stitch 'n Bitch this afternoon I am all ready to, hand out exhibition invited for everone to give out to their friends and to collect the avalanche of works that everyone is submitting for the exhibition next month!!

Well I'm ready but are they?? It will be interesting to see who has read any of the info I have previously handed out and who is interested in exhibiting at all. I know that there is a core group of about 15 of us that do actually see each other and communicate between meetings and all of those fabo knitters are well and truly involved (You know who you are!!) But will anyone else be interested?? All will be revealed today at 2pm!!

So see you at snb or chat to you later in the week!! BTW if you woudl like an invite to our exhibition to pop on your fridge just email me your snail mail addrees and I'll send you one - my email addy is in my blogger profile.

Happy Birthday to my fantastic Dad!!
Happy Blogiversary to me!!!