Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Surprise Boo Boo

When JT got home the afternoon he found me with my tongue in the corner of my mouth concentrating very hard, having taken a crochet hook to my baby suprise cardy to fix up a very strange quirk I had discovered. This is how it is supposed to look: To the right of the diagonal line made by the increases is a section where you have to pick up 10 stitches at the ends of 10 rows. In this shot you can see that the garter stitch rows continue uninterrupted as they should.

Now I thought I did the same thing at the other end of the cardy but as you can see in the pic below - I musn't have because there's a little rogue section of stockinette just to the left of the decrease diagonal. I tried to turn the row around with the crochet hook so the garter would be uninterrupted the like the other end but it was not behaving because the original stitches were picked up and it all got ugly - so I'll frog back three or four rows and try picking them up again and see if I can make it work this time...

Had a great time at Stitch 'n Bitch on Saturday. Lots of people brought their work for the exhibition. I was able to receipt it professionally enough and also had the invites ready to hand out so all those deadlines were met PHEW!!