Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Things

First: Photos of Donni's Birthday Arvo Tea!
It was wonderful especially as she seemed to enjoy it soo much!! The gals left to right, Gemma, Ailsa, Milly and the Birthday Girl.

And me in it this time and Donni about to open the champers.

Second: The BABY
It seems that this bub (due on May 23rd- two days after the SnB exhibition) is rather large. I had an ultrasound last week that says that she is 3.8kg already - so heading for over 9 pounds it seems. Anyway the upshot of that is that they won't let me go overdue like I did with both the others. And infact they might kick things off next Tuesday so who knows anyday now peeps the family may number five!!

So if I suddenly go off-line for a few days or more you will know why.....

Oh and I just finished the baby surprise cardi and have to find some suitable buttons now. Woo hoo!