Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baby Surprise

Here is the baby surprise cardy blocking. I'm quite pleased with it although my garter is a tiny but wobbly in some spots where no doubt my concentration wavered. Also the sections where I agonised over picking up the stitches that I wrote about a few posts ago are a little bodgy looking.

You can't really see in this photo but they are two vertical lines of darker shading on either side of the button band just above the yellow pin in the centre of the bottom edge. Any way they pass the galloping horse test - so I'm not worrying. Now I just need to sew on the buttons and have the baby so she can model it for you.

The baby is still on board but I am getting more and more sick of it... I'm off to put my feet up because it seems that my ankles are also significantly pregnant and just as uncomfortable as my back and belly.

The blogiversary competitions are now closed and I had some great entries. Thanks everyone! I know I said that I would judge and award prizes over the weekend but I'm a tiny bit behind, so look out for the judging early next week.

Cheers Stripey :-)