Thursday, November 17, 2005

That Knitting Machine

Last SnB, I scored a loan of a knitting machine. (Big thanks Rae) I have a BIG IDEA and some other little ideas, you see. Now said machine came without the instructions. Being a knitting machine virgin, I needed the instructions - desperately. It is a completely mysterious machine without that document. So www to the rescue. I found a very kind gent in the UK selling photocopies of many many out of date pieces of machinery. (Funny how the internet has become a big meeting place for 'enthusiasts').

Last week the instructions arrived. I am not an engineer! It was looking bad. Until my husband who, prior to becoming a doctor was an engineer (long story)!! He could not resist the lure of the machinery. He really could not resist and even when it seemed to be taking FOREVER and I would have kicked the thing out of the house in frustration, he persevered. "We will get it this time!", "One more go" he said. I brought beers. He wrestled with the thing.

Milly, bless her, entertained herself, Gemma, bless her, slept.

Then THREE HOURS LATER Eureka!! A result. It doesn't look like anything but believe me we got it to work. This was a very exciting moment. Milly and I danced. JT drank his beer.

Now for my BIG IDEA. I'm still an extreme novice but I think I've worked out that I won't be able to do what I want to do. BUGGER!! My idea involves being able to increase and decrease on stitches in the middle of rows. I can't see how it can do it except at the end of rows which is not what I want. Jussi, Donni, Knitting Machine Afficionados ....HEEELLLPP!!!!