Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Three WIPs

Behold three Works in Progress. The largest is a set of shelves that I've been doing up very slowly in the garage. I've sanded three of the four sides in anticipation of some day being painted, waxed or varnished. Because my amateur furniture restoration hobby is so incredibly slow I have decided to put them to use, as is. Because otherwise they will languish in the garage another six months. This hobby like mosaics (my other secret garage activity) can't be dono infront of the TV or around kids and thus is extremely slow going. So I'll put all my fabric in there and if the mood ever takes me I'll finish them.

The knitting: Remember the cotton skirt for Milly? Well it was finished. Buuuut well I just wasn't happy with it soooo.... its back on the needles to be extended into a dress. A dress was actually my original plan but due to laziness I thought I'd stop at a skirt - you see laziness in this instance hasn't paid off. I think it will look much better with the OSW as a dress....I'm getting a little sick of it though.

The Karabella Roses two ball scarf. Oh boy am I sick of this...I've knit this first ball about four times in various combinations of needle size and number of stitches and have not been happy each time with its dimensions- this time, however I thought I had it. I chose 15mm needles and 20 stitches and a simple yarn forward, k2tog repeat each row, it makes a kind of a diagonal trellis lace-ish kind of stitch - it looked good with the Roses - I was coming to the end of the ball after knitting away feverishly without concentrating much, happy to be almost through the darn thing. THEN I discovered that somewhere along the line I've lost 4 stitches. Can I be bothered to workout where??? No - I must have forgotten four times(!!) to yarn forward- Off to the frog pond to be begun again when I feel I have more concentration resources behind me.

In other news I received two Tribe tokens in the mail this week. A postcard from Rox - Hay to you too Rox, and a lovely fridge magnet from Donni. So that's at least three organised Tribers
(I had a card from Shannon a few weeks ago too!) I did have a plan to send some bits + bobs to all the tribers too but I feel it was a little ambitious and so I think in order for it to actuakly happen that plan may be scaled back somewhat.

I managed to get my tardy SP parcel off today - look out SP it's on its way and MOST DISAPOINTINGLY, a couple of weeks ago I accidentally revealed myself - Damn, Damn, Damn!! Stupid me - I was rushing to post a secret hello on her blog and left my blogger sign in there instead of making it an anonymous post DUH!! I get total placenta head award for utter foolishness. So tragic!

Off to rescue child number two from playing in the bathroom cabinet eek.....