Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gifts Galore

Yesterday the very kind parcel post people handed me some pressies!! What joy! They always seem to arrive just as the girls are going to sleep so I can open them at my leisure. This is what I got. Talk about just like Christmas!!!!

This one is from my Secret Pal. I wonder who she is? I can't say that I'm 100% sure but I have my suspicions....Look at this pile. Its a symphony in Lavender.

Inside was a great poem, which I can't type in at the moment, cause I'm not at home. Some great vintage dpn and circular needles, a great old simplicity pattern book from the 50s I think.A most generous pack of lovely lavender products from Innoxa, a lavender exfoliating soap, some 'notions', scissors(I needed them!) A gauge measurer and a little quilt block measurer, a beautiful painted 'Knitting Nancy' which I adore AND as if that was not enough, a great ball of Katia cotton in the Jamaica colourway. My SP is clearly psychic because I've seen that and I can't remember where but thought to myself at the time "hmm cotton , what great colours - I'll have to get some of that one day...." And she has done it for me!! Have a look at the impressive pile of goodies....What a pile of FUN!!!

Thankyou most generous and thoughtful SP its been such a treat getting your parcels. I've really appreciated your attention to detail, your matching wrapping, your clever poems, your very apt gifts. It's obvious that you have read my questionniare/s and had your thinking cap on. I'm really looking forward to finding out who you are so I can thankyou properly.

I'm running out of typing energy in fact any energy, (The girls seem to be sleeping so that is what I'm about to do too!!) and so you will have to wait for details of my second giftie - However the sender will know who she is and I thank her very much for the completely unexpectedly packed prize!!!

You knit bloggers are all really the BEST!!! :-)