Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday's Mail

Here are the shots of the wonderful parcel of pressies that Jussi sent me for winning her competition about things that make you smile. My entry was a very dodgy photo of the first ultrasound shot we had of out number three bub who is on the way. I was pretty excited to win the competition. It was my first blog comp. This is what was inside the parcel. Where to begin unwrapping??

This was what was inside the wrapping. Two cute gummi bear point protectors (I've wanted some of these for a while!!) One of Jussi's wonderful needle rolls in Kaffe Fasset's Millefiori glass inspired fabric. (I love that fabric Jussi!!) Some choccy which I scoffed on the spot! A very cute fortune looking cat covered tape measure which is suspect is another Jussi original, a vintage baby jacket pattern book, a georgeous sweet orange lip balm and a packet of T2 turkish apple tisane. I've always wondered about tisanes and not had one, so now is my chance .

Thanks Jussi for your generosity it was such fun to be the winner of your comp, I love all the goodies!! Am I disqualified from entering any more of your comps now??