Monday, November 21, 2005

Queen of Cupcakes

How good are these cupcakes!!!

My wonderful neighbour across the road (Ailsa) came to our door yesterday evening bearing a plate of cupcakes. How good do they look?? Well, they tasted just a good I can assure you!!!

Yesterday Ailsa left a lovely comment on my post Three WIPs saying that she never wants me to move house because we can, do furniture projects in the garage, knit and sew and embroider the days away when the kids go to school. That sounds FANTASTIC!!! - but unfortunately we will be heading away in a year or so - for JT's work. BUT we will be here quite long enough for summer barbies by the pool (or sandpit) , knitting arvo teas and quilting lessons for Ailsa.

When we move, I think she should come too. I have never had a cake bearing neighbour before - its great - and what are the chances of moving in across the road from another knit blogger??!! Really - What are the chances??