Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Rock Star Parking Spot

Today I had the totally satisfying experience of having 15 mins up my sleeve as I drove from Silverwater to Coogee. What to do with 15 mins?? Well knitophiles will know that its just a tiny dogleg off my route to get to Champion Textiles in Newtown. "I'll cruise past" I thought. When I cruised up THERE WAS A PARKING SPOT RIGHT OUT FRONT!!!! On King Street!!! - This is unheard of!! The good old rock star park, I thought, sauntering in to the shop. The knitting gods are smiling on me. I was actually secretly hoping to find a specific thing: a ball of Noro Silk Garden to finish the pregnant size OSW that I have been knittng for me. In this case it will be a three skein wonder but who is counting???

So as I walked through the door I noticed that they had a Noro display in the window. Promising! I thought. When I got in there I was sorely disapointed because the joint looked like the same dusty rat hole it had looked like when I went there about two years ago - only with less stock. Very Sad. So I did a lap of the store- crestfallen - then I spied the Noro. As I looked through the 'Noro Bay' I realised that it was all Iro and Kureyon - no Silk Garden. So I was lifting up the crinkly plastic bags despondently, thinking, reds, more reds, more skeins of Iro.." I was after the teal grey and green mix of Silk Garden. Behold the lush colour.

Oh well, I thought, nice to see the Iro anyway..." then suddenly on its own sandwiched between bags at the back was ONE BALL of teal/grey Silk Garden!!!! I reached out thinking it would vanish before I picked it up but no, it was real and it was mine AND CHEAPER by $4.00 than Tapestry Craft!!!

The knitting gods were smiling on me!! The only bad thing though, is that I'm off to Every Second Tuesday Spinning group tonight and so I'll be spinning rather than getting to knit my Noro......Such is life...

So here is is the pregnant size OSW, begun last Wednesday. It's about three nights TV knitting so far- I had to stop when I ran out of yarn. The pattern suggests knitting a size smaller if you fall between shoulder blade inch measurements. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I never am a size SMALLER. NEVER!! And definately not when I'm preggers - So my strategy has been to just keep knitting till I think it won't look too small and tight. I'm on to the sleeves and the ribbed bask next, I should have it finished by the end of the week. Very Satisfying!! Thankyou again Dawn. Thankyou Glampyre.