Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ta Daaaa!

'Tis Finished, Front Shot:

I finished it yesterday afternoon!!! I really enjoyed knitting the One Skein Wonder its a savvy sassy pattern (if there's such a thing). I enjoyed it so much I think I might do one for me.

For this OSW, I used heirloom cotton that I had left over from another project. I used it double because I prefer cotton to be stiffer rather than really loose and floppy. I used slightly less than one ball I think, although it is hard to tell because I was using up odds and ends. I was pretty happy with the result because I totally guestimated the sizes, gauge and everything and it turned out perfectly.

I kind of reasoned that since I wanted it a few inches smaller than the smallest size listed I'd just follow the pattern but use smaller needles. So I used 4mm needles instead if 5mm and Heirloom (8ply) doubled instead of aran weight, hey presto - either its a total fluke or I really am becoming a more experienced knitter able to judge these things well. (Ha!)
(Donni- I didn't even swatch!!)

We are going to a party this afternoon for John's sister Alexa (Who wrote this book)and her fiance Ronald who are getting married next week. (If you, by chance, have read the book you might be able to work out that Ronald is Ewan in the book and that Ahhh there is a super happy ending a few years and lots of travel later) He is flying in this morning from Antarctica and there has been bad weather down south and it is touch and go whether or not he will make it out...eek...they live mostly in San Francisco and so not a lot of people here in OZ have met him and there have been wedding celebrations here that he hasn't been here for (remember the virtual engagement party?) so it will be great to have a few celebratory parties when he is actually present. I dont think a virtual wedding would be quite so successful (or legal).

I will try to get a shot of Milly in it this afternoon at the party.
Back Shot: