Saturday, August 06, 2005

Virtually Engaged

As I was in the neighbourhood today, I was hoping to visit the Sydney Sity Klickers. I didn't make it. I was at a 'virtual engagement' party and couldn't slip away in the end - like I'd planned - Bummer! My sister in law is engaged to a Scot, resident in the States. Recently they have been separated (for visa reasons) but when he visited Oz a month or so ago they got engaged!! Woo Hoo. So there was a party today to celebrate. He was at the party by webcam. Yep - a sign of the times is it not?? Here is a pic of the happy couple during the speeches!!

I made some nibblies. I was proud of them so you shall be subjected to pics.
Dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a toasted almond. Simple, Good Looking and YUMMY!!Strawberries dipped in dark and milk chocolate - MMMM... I Know - this is not a cooking blog but you know what its like, once you start blogging about stuff its hard to stop....
Happy knitting - sorry O didnt make it to SSK Jussi - I'll check the calendar for next fortnight. Happy Knitting All.