Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Angora in the Afternoon

Hey its been a while. Finally some handspun! I began this a fortnight ago at our 'Every second tuesday' spinning group. That night I managed to fill one bobbin with slightly a overspun but mostly even singles (why singles has an 's' at the end when its singular and plural keeps me guessing) Then last night I managed another. I just love spinning. But like everything, I need more hours in the day to really make a go of it.

This afternoon I have plied it (plyed it? -spelling is not my forte) and taken some arty shots in the afternoon sun. Its Angora and Merino - I'm not sure of the % but probably 80% Merino - 20% Angora or less - I'm guessing.

Its lovely. Its soft, its even but not too even and to quote my secret pal (Who doesn't know who I am so this is a hint if she's reading) "I haven't even felt the overwhelming desire to immediately felt it!" I am planning to dye it. It'll be my first dye adventure. Wish me well!

I am off to wash it. Happy days!