Monday, August 15, 2005

Birthday Wishes

Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes! I worked out how you all found out. Tricky Donni had a link to my blog saying Happy Birthday. Funny Girl!!

It was just the best day. Jt and the girls gave me pressies in bed, they gave me some crystal martini glasses and some goodies sent by my mum and dad (pearl jewellery from Broome!. JT cooked me brekkie and coffee (he was late to work -oops) Then he said something would arrive in the mail addressed to him but it was really for me so I should open it. Donni and Ailsa cooked me Three cheese pasta which we had in the proper dining room at Ailsa's complete with wine in crystal glasses and the proper silver cutlery. They organised, along with Kerry to give me a very generous voucher at local beauty salon. I felt very spoilt. I ran across the road from Ailsa's to get something from home (did I mention we live acroos the road from each other - wierd coincidence!) and there was a parcel sticking out of the box- FROM THE WOOL SHACK. JT had bought me a set of Denise interchangeable needles. I was soooo excited!!

Later in the afternoon John's parents had a birthday afternoon tea for me then John's mother babysat while we went out for dinner at the lovely flash french restaurant in town called Caveau. What a great day. I really did feel spoilt. I think it made ip for last year when I spent the whole day at the hospital in labour with Gemma! So her first birthday was on Friday, the day after mine.

Its monday morning now and the celebrations are well and truly over. In addition to my fab birthday on Thursday we had a first birthday party for Gemma at Kangaroo Valley. Heaps of people turned up and it was a great fun day. Fantastic weather and heaps of space for teh kids to run around. Thanks every one for coming and making my day so fun and Gemma's day so full of laughter.