Friday, August 05, 2005

Two Parcels Arrive

I went out with the kids. A busy morning. Off to the gym for and hour of aquarobics. I put Milly and Gemma in the creche at the gym and managed to time it just right with Gemma's sleep. Hooray!. Then off to a friends house for lunch. My kiddies were very happy to play with her kiddies. Very relaxing. Got home and found no one but TWO parcels on the doorstep!

One was from my Mum and Dad who are doing the 'Grey Nomads' circuit around Australia in their custom built camper trailer. They sent birthday pressies for me and for Gemma. Our birthdays are a day apart next week! I did not open that one. I'll have to save it for next week.

But the next one was from the UK - from MY SECRET PAL YAY!!! I only stopped long enough to photograph the outside before I ripped it open and found this inside...

Three lovely 100g hanks of Jameison's Chunky Shetland in Rainforest !! It is an amazing blend of three plys, one in a fuchia heather, a tealy one and a very dark forest green. I can't wait to see how it knits up. I even have a pattern in mind for it. (Perhaps) I'll keep you posted.

Thanks so much Secret Pal!!! I love it and its a good amount to really make something from. Its my own little bit of the UK in the lounge room.

To tell you the truth dear reader... I had been looking out for it. My secret pal told me when it was due to arrive months ago and I marked it on the calendar. For about a week, I had been looking on the doorstep and today it arrives with a big yellow sticker saying it had been opened for a quaratine inspection. Those little sniffer beagles must have been excited by something. What have you been up to Secret Pal??