Thursday, November 03, 2005

Knitting Update

This is post #93 I noticed, so it's a count down to #100. I'm sure I won't have anything as good as Nikki Shell had on her 100th post.

Progress on Knitted Skirt for Milly: Here she is in her pyjama top showing off the just completed but not washed or blocked knitted skirt. She's cropped out of the shot because she looked pretty feral with her morning hair and all, but the skirt looks pretty good, I'm pleased! It should fit her for a couple of seasons too because it's a generous size.

Progress on One Skein Wonder: I've seamed up the sleeves and picked up the stitches for the rib bask on Milly's OSW to match the skirt. Shouldn't take long to finish the rib now!!! Here it is how cute does it look!!

Progress on Froth Scarf: Doing well although very slowly. I'm still on the main body part and feel quite proud that I've memorised the lace pattern, but you will probably all laugh because it's a pretty easy pattern!! I'm thinking its going to be quite small though maybe it's because I'm knitting it too tightly. (story of my life...)

Progress with Knitting machine: Found instructions on ebay in the UK and they are on their way. Can't wait!!!

Progress with Spinning: I'm itching to try my fleece that came from Crookwell last week but I MUST finish the lovely merino/silk that came from the boys BEFORE I touch it!!! I keep thinking thaat I'm nearly there and spend an hour or two and I seem to still have about the same amount to go but no matter. I'm really enjoying it and it's going to be a lovely Paris Loop (or two) when its finished.

Off to blitz that OSW.....