Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Composing Myself

Does anyone compose posts in their head while cooking dinner? I do. I've just composed a very witty post on a variety of subjects and promptly forgotten the clever opening. So this will have to do.

I've cooked Boscaiola Sauce. With real cream! I have not cooked with REAL CREAM for years and years. This might set a dangerous precedent. (Tonight it satisfies the cheesy, bacon craving and has the extra cacium and calories needed by pregnant women!!)

I went to S'nB on the weekend which was fab as usual. Jussi made the trek from Sydney again (which I am always super impressed by!) and all the other blogging suspects were there as well as the usual blog lurkers (Go on leave a comment!!) and hard core knitters from Kiama (You know who you are!) as well as pleanty who know nothing about computers but PLENTY about knitting. That's why it's so brilliant!

I'm off to spinning tonight at Becky's house she has a new blog so head over and check it out. She's a beginner spinning demon! She will be running rings around all of us before long!!!! You know, as far as I'm concerned there can never be enough spinning and knitting groups to attend.

I've joined Rox's Christmas Decoration Exchange. An exchange for HANDMADE Christmas decorations!! This is totally up my alley. I looove handmade and I looove Christmas decorations. So come on Rox fess up - I know you only want to have it so you can have a button on your blog that says Orna-mental!