Sunday, October 30, 2005


On Friday I did Wollongong Markets with Donni - Here's a shot of my little stall on the side of Donni's much more professional one! (I'll learn) The shot is complete with Donni if you look closely.

I sold two of my 'Untangle It' knitting 'stuff sacks' (Which I will blog about at some point) and got a commission for a cot quilt. I covered my stall costs so that's not too bad for a total beginner with not much stock. It was a pretty tiring day but fun to be able to sit and knit and chat sewing with passer's by. I'll do markets again. Here's a close up of my side of things.

Today it's pouring rain. The girls are asleep. It was Stitch 'n Bitch yesterday which was excellent as usual. Rae gave me lender of a brother knitting machine KH-830 (But no instructions yet so I am all at sea! Anyone got any I could copy??)

We have had house guests all weekend which was fun and they have just left, leaving the house all quiet. JT is reading the paper, I've been spinning, tinkering with buttons on the blog and as soon as my photo loads I'm going back to the spinning and listening to that beautiful rain.