Sunday, November 06, 2005

Here She Is

Are you sick of hearing about the OSW yet? Here is Milly in her party gear, showing off the pretty OSW. I couldn't find a little top that looked nice enough with the knitted skirt and the OSW so she ended up in her spots. I'm thinking of turning the knitted skirt into a dress (which was actually my first plan, then I got lazy) so I then I won't need to stress about finding the right top.

Here are all three of us in our party gear:

Here is the bride to be in her party gear. We had a huge girls night out on Friday, then had to get it together the next day enough to go to the 'family celebration'.

The husband to be, Ronald, made it from Antarctica in time, (Phew!) and the party was a great success we met some of his siblings for the first time. Now we are all really looking forward to the wedding next Friday.

What will I wear??!!