Monday, November 07, 2005

More things that makes the heart sing!

I am busy FINISHING THINGS at the moment!!!!

One advantage of having a lot of projects on the go at once is that you occasionally get to the point when I whole lot of them finish at a similar time. Its VERY exciting!!!

Yesterday, I finished the last of my 500 grams of stunning Merino 85% and Silk 15% blend from First Edition Fibres in Euroa. My spinning guru Kerry, calls F.E.F. 'The Boys'. Of course it's a little diffucult to see the colour but its a carded mixture of about four blues: royal, teal, turquoise and an iris type colour carded with plain silvery silk. The result is a lovely kind of sunny day, ocean blue colour with the added shimmer of silk. Here they are, all seven beautiful skeins!!

Here is a close up (complete with my manicured nails (ha!) for scale). Can you see my hydrangeas in the background?

I'm so pleased with them this year, two seasons of judicial pruning have paid off. Look at those blooms!!! Sigh! Hydrangea season makes me soooo happy. They are my absolute garden favorite!!!!! The colour is a little washed out. They are much more violet-y purple in the garden.

Yesterday I carded and spun a little of my fleece from Crookwell - what fun! Today I did my tax return and I'm expecting a sizeable refund wooo hooo. I also did some knitting on my Karabella Roses scarf that I have knit and re-knit about five times. Now I seem to be happy with it and might just make it to the second ball. Then tonight, I went to my Dreaweaver MX class, yes I will be a web design goddess in no time, I seem to be picking it up pretty well. Tomorrow is family day care day - no kids!! Happy Days!!!!!!