Thursday, August 23, 2007

Longest Black Hole

Wow! Almost a month since I last made a post. Just shows how many demands five acres of garden make - So many in fact that finding the time to get online is harder and harder. There's just so many things to prune in Winter!!

But there's HEAPS of things I haven't blogged about so I'll try to catch up a bit.

Excitement happened in my life (more than six weeks ago!) when I exhibited in the Berry Spinners & Weavers annual Exhibition and Sale . I was excited firstly to discover that I actually had a few things to put in it! Here they are: From bottom left the baby vest from my own hand dyed handspun, then Milly's poncho, knit from my own handspun, two open felted scarves incorporating kool-aid dyed handspun and a chunky scarf also from kool-aid hand-spun.

Then, I was excited for Milly because the ladies asked her to exhibit too. Here she is in front of her pom-pom tree. The pom-poms were made from left over handspun of mine - a great way to use it up!) She also had a few spider webs on the tree too. You know those things where you wind the yarn around two crossed paddle pop sticks. She was very proud of herself - We were all proud of her!

Then we were all excited to go and have afternoon tea. The two dollar entry to the exhibition included afternoon tea. Check it out! It was Slice Heaven!! It must be my inner CWA* lady but I just love tea from an urn and a table full of slice!

At the end of it all I was extremely excited to discover that I'd sold two things!! The blue felted scarf and the baby vest both had new homes. So now I'm a professional! Here's a shot of a tiny corner of the show. The 'Blue Wall'. Milly's poncho is right in the middle.

There are heaps of things I'm loving about living in Berry and the weekly Spinners & Weavers meetings would have to be up there on my list of faves.

* CWA - Country Women's Association. An Aussie institution - They specialise in afternoon teas, cake judging and 'good-works' throughout rural Australia. They are often made fun of by modern young things. More: see their website or what the big wiki says.