Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last Move

We're in the dream house and hopefully there won't be any moves for many many years! The house is fabulous we're loving it to bits!

I've got a huge furniture wish list and heaps of rooms that need a bit of decoration. Finally, I can do it instead of dreaming about it. There are plants to plant, plants to dig up, a kitchen to renovate, a laundry to put cupboards in, lighting to update, towel rails to put in, hall runner to find, a letter box to build, a chook shed to build, chooks to buy, a cubby to build and on and on and on..........

The best thing about it all is there's no rush, we aren't going anywhere. Why would we? Just look at the view!

Then there's the great ride-on lawn mower entertainment.

And the gorgeous places in the sun to sit and knit! This is my own hand spun that is becoming a top down raglan jumper with a few cable details front.....

.....and back for Bronte or maybe for the spinners and weavers show next year.

So hopefully that will be the end of the blah blah about the house and I can get back to the backlog of FOs to blog about.