Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too much of a good thing....

When I was a kid I poured myself an enormous bowl of corn flakes and put milk on them before mum could make me put some back. She went bezerk then said I had to eat it all. I sat there valiantly chewing for what seemed like an eternity. All the cornflakes went soggy and I was feeling very unwell. I can't remember if she made me actually eat the whole bowl or not but I do remember that it was more than 20 years before I ate another cornflake; soggy or otherwise.

It's like that with the The Dreaded Olive & Silk. I have this lovely Merino and Silk blend
(85% /15%) that came from the now defunct Margaret Peel Fibre supplies. It's undyed Mulberry silk carded through this light and airy pale olive merino tops. I think I originally had half a kilo. I spun up about half of it and I really enjoyed the way the undyed silk popped up here and there in the resulting skeins. Then I plyed it with a plain cotton thread just for an experiment. This was all nearly two years ago.

Then I knit it into about a dozen swatches trying to see how it would best look then I began a scarf (bottom left) didn't like it and began another scarf (top right), didn't like it either - so then I began a top down raglan for Bronte with a cable panel down the centre and two little cables down either side at the back. Ahh now I'm happy!

Here she is trying it on.

The length is OK but I'm going to need more for the arms. **Sigh** back to the spinning wheel to spin up another skein. Now I'm seriously over this stuff. I don't ever want to see it again. One of the ladies at my Spinners and Weavers Group wants to buy what's left. YES YES YES I say take it away!!
So the skein is spun up but I just can't face the knitting - It's been languishing for a week (or two) maybe tonight I should just bite the bullet and get it done or it will be a WIP forever!!