Saturday, July 07, 2007

Not 'working' but so much to do!

Oh it's a funny life aint it! I'm a stay at home mum. You know, Domestic Manager, Home Economist, Housewife. I don't have a 'paid' job but like everyone, I've got plenty of unpaid work to do.

As if moving house twice in one year, getting to know the new area, getting used to the new routines, and making sure every one is bathed, clothed and fed in a house that is kinda clean some of the time isn't enough? I've had to stack in a few other things to fill in my day.

This year it's been co-hostessing ISE3 and running ISE4, the scarf exchanges. Each time they've had around 200 people and scarves to shepherd through the course of the exchange. ISE4 is all most over and ISE5 is going to have to begin RIGHT away so it doesn't interfere with Christmas.

There's been exhibitions to make for. Wollongong SNB had an exhibition in April so there was plenty of knitting to do for that and we're beginning to plan for next year's show already. The Berry Spinners & Weavers had a show recently too - I managed to get a few things done for that as well. I help out the Preschool fund raising committee when I can and I try to find time to to get to the annual knitting retreat and SNB each month and Spinner's & Weavers once a week.

I'm sure there's other things but if JT is reading this those are the reasons why our life is so rich and fun and's also why I don't iron your shirts for work or fold the laundry and put it away the same day it comes off the line. lol!

Oh and blogging takes up a little (just a tiny bit) time too. Here's some photos to add some colour. I've got lots of FO's to show I've been on a bit of a creative spurt I just have to find the time to blog about them.....

I finished this felted scarf a couple of weeks ago but haven't managed to post a shot of it yet.

Here's the pink one that was my first attempt at this technique. Have a look here for how I did it. The blue one was the second one, I made it a bit longer.

I put both of these scarves up for sale in the Berry Spinners & Weavers Show last weekend and the Blue one sold.
I was so thrilled!