Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunshine, lolly pops & rainbows everything....

General Blah Blah...
Well we didn't have any lolly pops but the kids did have ice cream cones. Rainbows? Well it was sunny and clear enough that we didn't mind the absence of rainbows. I love Autumn. (JT advises me that it is now officially winter.) Well - I love Winter too.

What a glorious weekend!! It was a weekend of markets. Shoalhaven Heads Hotel has an early morning produce market on Saturdays. Its a lovely spot there's a glorious view across the still blue river to sand dunes and then further out to sea, all bathed in morning sunshine. One of the local preschool mums who I've got to know has a cupcake stall there. (Ohhh a cupcake stall is torture for someone on weight watchers.....) The kids had a cup cake (They are spoiled aren't they??!) I had a bite.

Today, the first Sunday of the month it was Berry Country Fair, a huge and excellent market filled with heaps of local crafts bric a bric, plants, produce and food. I couldn't resist a vintage ironing board - perhaps it will be a nice ironing surface in my future sewing room. We ate saltbush lamb burgers under shady trees and watched the crowds stroll by. Mmmm everyone & tired happy.

Craft News:
I did some felting this afternoon with mixed success. The kids LOVED it!! I've knit up some quick scarves from some handspun that I've had hanging around for a while. It's great to see the handspun knit up at last. I'm trying to gather together a few things for the Berry Spinners and Weavers exhibition and sale in a month - just what I need another deadline. lol!

I've been writing up and test knitting the pattern for the scarf I knit for ISE4 - so I'll post that when I get a chance so hang on a day or two you guys who were interested.

ONLY 29 days till we settle on our new house - It's getting closer and closer...... and we are just going to explode with impatience soon!!!! We will paint it through and clean it before we move but we should be moving in by mid July. I just cant wait to be able to go there and dream and plan and work out where every thing is going to fit. And because I can't resist: Here's a shot of the day we took our parents along to check it out. This is the top driveway.

And here's a shot of the neighbour's goats in our bottom paddock. I'd like to get some goats too - I'm thinking a backyard goats cheese operation..... But maybe that might eat too much into the knitting time.....The small tree to the right of the powerline is about where the back boundary is. FUN FUN FUN.....