Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Official

I'm a member - HOORAY!!

I lived in Wollongong and was on the Wollongong Spinners and Weavers' waiting list for probably two years - I'm still on it!! I don't think I'll ever get in - although Donni just did and I'm two behind her on the list! You have to wait for someone to leave or pop their clogs - so to speak.

There's no waiting list at Berry. We meet on a Thursday. I'm loving it. Kids are very welcome, dogs are welcome. People bring their farm produce and leave it at the door for anyone who's interested. Today there was parsley, limes & passionfruit. It's so country - next week I'm going to take some oranges, ours are pretty good.

Milly comes with me. (she's a kid not a dog -lol) She's making pom poms from my old handspun. They've invited her to exhibit at the annual exhibition and sale. She's excited - she wants a name badge too.

This year it will be at the Berry Courthouse, Victoria Street Berry on Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July. If I knit fast enough I may even have something in the show too. Although it does clash with the next Stitch 'n Bitch. What to do?????