Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Poncho Loco

I went through a phase of hating ponchos. My clever Mum always says "Never say never..." and she's right because look: now I've got two on the go. Milly looks a darling in hers and see, I'm almost done.

It's a little chunky and kinda rustic because I spun the yarn a while ago (when I wasn't as brilliant at spinning as I am now -lol!!!) The kiddo likes it though so I'm happy if she's happy. I think I may have been faster getting this done if I wasn't inventing the pattern as I went. I've also come a little unstuck because I ran out of yarn but that's the beauty of hand spun - you can just whip up some more.

Bronte's poncho is progressing but oh so slow - much thinner yarn, much smaller needles, many, many more stitches but that one's almost done too. Woo Hoo.

Perhaps I should have crocheted it like my Nana did for me when I was small. Here's Gemma modeling a true 1970s vintage poncho. This one was made for me by my Nana (my dad's mum) when I was as small as Gem. A little bit of knitting nostalgia right there. Look how well it's worn - It's wool, I wonder what kind she would have used circa1973?