Monday, June 25, 2007

Berry Spinners

I'm loving Berry Spinners and Weavers! I'm getting more spinning done, I'm meeting loads of inspiring ladies and I'm having a lovely morning with my biggest girl. Milly has or very own pink name badge which she loves.

They're so generous! One of the ladies Bev, has set Milly up with a table loom to weave a simple scarf and showed us how to do it. Nolene gave me a drop spindle and a lesson after I mentioned that I'd never used one. It's another technique to master I'm afraid - I spun the worst yarn I've ever spun but it was heaps of fun and I can see many applications - spinning on holiday - spinning in the car, spinning by the creek, spinning on a picnic!

Remember this? It recently became this:

I love the way the colours have all schmooshed together when they were spun and plied. Then it became this:

Shown here unblocked, it's a 3-6month old baby vest. I didn't have a pattern for this I just kinda muddled along and it came out just as I planned (What a surprise!!) I imagine it on a boy with a navy skivvy underneath. It's one of my bits and pieces for the exhibition that Berry Spinners and Weavers are having next weekend.

The Important Details: Sat 30th June and Sunday 1st July, 10am - 4pm at the Berry Courthouse, Victoria Street Berry. All welcome!!

$2 entry includes a cuppa and a slice!! What country hospitality! The slices will probably be heavenly! I'll be making a couple. There will be spinning and weaving demonstrations and they'll even let you have a go if you're interested!! I'll be there in the morning on Saturday then off to Wollongong SNB in the afternoon.