Tuesday, June 12, 2007

For Charmaine

Here's a handful of pix especially for Charmaine. Charmaine (sadly blogless) is a far flung snb-er. She's recently moved to the United Arab Emirates for work and we all miss her at SNB!! When Bronte was born she knitted her this beautiful Zoe Mellor cat jumper.

Look Charmaine isn't it cute!! Bronte's been getting lots of wear out of it this winter. Last May she did wear it but it was so big on her it was funny. Now it's just right. You're a clever girl!!

And here she is again showing off the poncho progress. It's getting there and colours make her eyes look really green. Hopefully I'll finish it before winter ends. lol

Since it's been all Bronte Bronte Bronte lately here's a photo of the the big girls. They're all ready for their sleep over at Oma and Opas. What Fun!!

AND today it's only 13 days till we get the keys to our new house!! Woo Hoo!! Can't Wait!!