Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today was such a wonderful day!!

It began with a small sleep in. The girls weren't wanting to get up till about 7am. Then we all quickly got dressed and went for a walk up the road to see the new calves that our neighbour has in his front paddock. So wobbly and tiny - Ahhh!

Then we had BBQ bacon and mushrooms for brekky. JT made a coffee and I headed out to do some lawn mowing before it got too hot. (It's a ride-on so not very strenuous - just time consuming) More weeding and pruning and then it was lunch time. Just look at the beautiful weather!!

The girls behaved themselves so well and all of them had a sleep together for about two hours and I got a chance to do some ISE4 stuff and take this shot of my finished dishcloth amongst the roses.
After they all had their sleeps, the girls did painting (I knit!!) , we wandered around the garden, fed the cows, swept the kitchen, made pesto from home grown basil and a had a swim. I feel relaxed and virtuous at the same time.

This is a shot of Arthur the cow and our house from taken from the cow paddock.

And the best thing about today is that it's not over yet!! We have cold beers in the fridge, pesto pasta for dinner and a there's a double episode of The West Wing on TV tonight!! Heaven!