Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh my poor neglected!!

Recently I went on a trip to Wagga Wagga. A four and a half hour drive inland from here. John had to go there for work and me and the kids tagged along to see the cousins who live there and to see the new house they'd built.

I thought it would be a yarn desert out there. But NO - the power of the internet prevails. I had arranged to meet Kate who organises the Wagga Wagga SnB we met up twice which was just great and she showed me.......drum rolll....This!

Faye's yarn cave!!! Wasn't I lucky! Faye has a yarn store in her back yard!! Good stuff too.

It was so great I had to make a few purchases: I couldn't resist a great book on felting and some lovely Zara in two marled colours. One a grey and one a georgeous blue grey. These are for a hat for JT. I'm sure I'll loove knitting it it's totally droolworthy.

And here's some progress on my knitting of late (it's just a sugar n cream dishcloth). Me and the gals are knitting a few up for a wall of them to show at our SnB Exhibition which is rapidly approaching. We had an exhibition last year which was just fab fun. For photos of that have a look in May 2006.

So now we are back in Berry, still looking for houses and the reason my blog is so neglected....I am FLAT CHAT hostessing the International Scarf Exchange. SUCH FUN!!!!