Saturday, March 03, 2007


Mnn it is so hot here today!!!! 30 degress c. plus!!! AND humid as all get out I'm melting!! THere's been so much rail lately and now so much sun that it's like swimming in the air urgh!! I'm inside with a fan now. Having a break from the pool - life's tough lol..

Here's the obligatory cute baby photo. This is Bronte at SnB last Saturday. She's 'helping' me with the red sugar n cream dishcloth you saw in the last post. That one's finished now no thanks to her.

This shot is the latest progress on Cece. Have a look at my increasing skill level. See at the bottom of the stocking stitch section my first set of increases. I did these by picking up the bar in between the stitches and yep see it leaves a hole. Oh well I thought... and continued. The next set I made using kfb: knit in front and back of the stitch and yep it leaves a little purl bump at each increase. Oh well I thought...and kept going....

THEN I showed my knitting buddies Kerry and Donni while they were here for spinning one night and Kerry said "I always pick up the stitch from the row before and it doesn't leave a hole." So third time lucky I thought and gave it a go. Et voila - no hole and a smooth almost invisible increase!!! Woo hoo. You learn something new every day!!

In fact, in this shot there are two sets of bad and two sets of good - Can you see them?? Well I know you can if you look closely but the good ones are infinitely superior in real life. Mucho Mucho gracias Kerry!

The International Scarf Exchange is taking up a fair whack of time - as I knew it would. Sign ups are almost complete. only a day or two to go - sign up now if you wanna play....