Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Domestic Bliss?

Ok so here we both are working on our 'laptops' while Bronte sleeps, Milly and me. The poor darling couldn't go to preschool today due to a slight temp and a cough. She HATES to have to stay stay home it's distressing for all because she's not 'stay in bed sick' she is just sick enough to be clingy and demanding (exactly when you want them to be at preschool- non?)

So she has been working on her ABC on her 'laptop' and I've been trying to fix up all my ring code that I lost when I switched to the new blogger. I don't mind their new template editing system but lets face it: if you want to do any thing slightly different you still need muck around with some HTML.

Here's a dishcloth i'm almost finished in Sugar'n Cream for our second SnB exhibition that's coming up in April. My dance card is pretty full at the moment with running ISE4 , helping with our SnB exhibition, knitting for the SnB exhibition and trying to find a new house.

BUT IT"S ALL FUN FUN FUN and I AM LOVING LIVING IN BERRY!! It just soothes the soul to be in amongst the cows and horses and to see nothing but nature from your windows.