Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bye Bye 2006

It's the end of the year and I'm glad!! 2006 was a long and busy one for me as I keep saying but soon it will be THE NEW YEAR!!!! Before I turn over my blogging new leaf in 2007 I need to clear up a whole pile of thank yous that are long overdue.

Over the last 18 months I was part of a fabulous gift ring called The Tribe. This group was organised by the illustrious Donni and had around 14 members here in Australia and in the states. During the time we were matched with others in the group and sent off a parcel of yarny spoiling goodies. As well as the match pressies there was a person of the month (POM) each month. The POM gift was to be a tiny gift like a card just to say Happy Birthday but over the 18 months the POM pressie grew out of all proportions!

In August 2006 I was POM and I have not managed to post adequate thanks to all my lovely tribeys who showered me with gifts so here goes. Here is a shot of some of the pile of fun stuff. Some things didn't make it into the shot because they have been eaten, used or pressed into service in another part of the house.

So in no particular order:

  • Thank you Donna for the glorious Dusk candle and the wonderful green handmade and hand beaded knitting bag look closely you'll see these in the shot.
  • Thank you Cece for the sugar 'n cream. I've already crocheted up these into washcloths so they're not in the shot. We cant get such thick 'n thirsty cotton over here- Thankyou.
  • Thank you Donni for the wonderful manicure set and udder hand cream. It is in our glove box for use on long car journeys so not in shot.
  • Thank you Rachael for the subscription to Yarn Magazine. The gift that keeps on giving!!
  • Thank you Rox for the huge pile of goodies, the handpainted sheep tin with the turquoise stitch markers, the fimo beads, the sugar 'n cream, the pop rocks, kool-aid and other treats and the Morehouse Merino Yarn. I love the colours!
  • Thank you Annie for the purple bag of goodies. The choccy, the cute shoe note pad, the uddercream - all such useful stuff for the knitting bag
  • Thank you Jade for the fabric, the miniature dragonfly candleholder the wonderful monogrammed note cards. Your generosity and thoughtfulness knows no bounds it seems!
  • Thank you Tianne for the embroidered washer, monogrammed handkerchief and lindt chocolate. It was too yummy and didn't last long.
  • Thank you Cindy for your brilliant hand made 'get your hands off my stash bag and Tiger print fabric and Cindy your personalized poetry always makes me giggle.
  • Thank you Jae for the GGH safari which I've been itching to use and the wonderful wall plaque about drinking with friends it is such a giggle.
  • Thank you Ailsa for the apron, teacloth and matching napkins. You know they'll be handy for afternoon teas!
  • Thank you Amy Sue for your autumn letter, the ribbon and cute little 'S' charm. Believe it or not I'm using it as a stitch marker. I love tiny tiny ones.

And a final HUGE thanks to Jussi for my final match pressie. A skein of hand dyed baby alpaca in her very own Bronte colourway! (see above) I love it. A fantastic book about sewing aprons - she is a clairvoyant! I was thinking that it is high time I sewed Milly, Gemma and I matching aprons for baking days. Some gorgeous endangered species fair trade chocolate - again it didn't last long! And there was also a hand painted beaker that Already the girls are using for their ribbons and things. Thanks Jussi it was fab being your final match!

And so with a final huge thank you to Donni for being the Tribe organizer extrordinaire I'm signing off for 2006. See you in 2007!!