Monday, August 28, 2006


After knitting two big projects (JT's vest and the Silk Garden Clap) in a row, I thought that I'd tackle a few smaller ones to get some quick FO gratification before I return to my Branching Out that is stalled. So this is a small headband 'Molly's Headband' from Interweave's Sweet Somethings. I'm knitting it from the same cotton that I knitted my first clap, held double. It's looking good and I can't wait to wear it.

Next is my Irish Hiking Scarf (see last post for the link) in Heirloom Cashmino. It's very soft and I'm really enjoying knitting with this yarn. I've got soem Debie Bliss Cashmerino to make another Irish Hiking Scarf and I'm looking forward to comparing the Debbie Bliss to the Heirloom. I just love cables!! Thy're so satisfying to knit, they're pretty easy and people always ohh and ahh over them.

The last little shot here is a ball of variegated green cotton chenille taht Blueadt sent me, way back in Secret Pal5. I've been trying to work out something to knit with it for ages. I had come up with this plan of a ruffly scarf and, well here's my experiment...I've go this far and ...nope it's not doing the yarn justice so its off to the frogpond. Never fear, though I have since found the right pattern for it, its a suade vest in a back issue of Interweave. So when my scarves are finished I'll get back to that one.

Happy Knitting Everyone!! :-)