Tuesday, August 29, 2006


On the weekend I went to our marvellous Wollongong Stitch n Bitch ( follow my sidebar button to see the pics of the fabo afternoon's knitting) Then right after knitting we lept into the car and drove to Sydney and dropped kids off to be babysat by my mum and my aunt then went out to one of the handful of grownup dinner parties that we have been to since we began having kids (three and a half years ago)!!

The dinner party was so much fun that we were incapable of leaving and had to sleep on the hosts lounge room floor. It was just like old uni days. The next morning we had to shake off the cobwebs sharpish because we had a day of renovating ahead of us. Poor JT was suffering bigtime! He still managed to stay chirpy even though he was hungover and covered in filth by the end of the day!

We managed to wash kilos and kilos (I hate to think how many) of white pebbles that were laid down the side passage when we bought the house. Over 6 years they have got very dirty and filled with leaves and mud. Now they look cleaner than before so we laid them out again and we stained the new fence. Now there's just a bit of concreting, staining the new timber steps, painting and re-grouting the bathroom, painting the spare room and washing the exterior walls. Believe it or not I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Here is the progress so far. Above the new steps and retaining walls:


I think I'll need to lie in the sun for about a week once it's all done. It's been such an excruciatingly slow renovation process with the pregnancy and baby happening at the same time. Living about 100kms from the house you are trying to renovate and sell makes it that much harder too.

On the knitting front: I am making good progress on my Irish hiking scarf. Should be finished in a day or two then I can return to Branching Out. I had an avalanche of parcels at my front door today thanks Rox, Jae and Cindy - More on the Tribe (again see sidebar) POMS soon !!
Happy Days!!!